Planning and Referrals as a Special Education Teacher

The main aim of this course is to support teachers in their role as SET in the areas of planning and referrals. This course aims to guide teachers through the continuum of support and the student support file, covering short- and long-term planning. This course aims to provide teachers with the confidence to refer children to outside agencies and will also cover assistive technology applications.

Supporting a Child with Literacy Difficulties as a Special Education Teacher

The main aim of this course is to support children with literacy difficulties. Specific assessments and effective tailored interventions will be outlined so you can confidently respond to a child’s needs.

Supporting a Child with Numeracy Difficulties as a Special Education Teacher

This course aims to explore supporting children with numeracy difficulties as a SET. A comprehensive range of assessments, strategies and resources for supporting these pupils will be outlined and evaluated throughout this course. The role of ICT in supporting these children will also be addressed throughout.

Supporting Autistic Children and Gifted Children

This course aims to support you as SET when working with autistic children. We will examine autism, how it presents and explore practical interventions that you can implement, as an SET. We will also explore how to support the gifted learner.

Fostering Growth Mindset & Grit in the Classroom

The purpose of this course is to explain mindset theory and introduce you to fixed and growth mindset as well as grit. In the process, we demonstrate some basic techniques that can be implemented in your classroom, and recommend ways in which you can foster grit in your students. A growth mindset combined with grit can improve students’ well-being and grades.