Securing and Beginning a Teaching Position as a Newly Qualified Teacher

The aim of this course is to provide early career teachers with the necessary information to support them in securing a teaching position and beginning their teaching career with confidence. This content of the course is multifaceted, and the focus is on a variety of different areas.

Planning and Classroom Organisation as a Newly Qualified Teacher

The aim of this course is to explore planning in the mainstream classroom. Both short-term planning and long-term planning are addressed. The creation of a weekly teaching timetable is also outlined. Following this, some useful tips and tricks for teachers to know at the start of a new school year are addressed. We will explore classroom management, with a focus on rewards, consequences as well an overview of restorative practice. Furthermore, specific behaviour management strategies will be discussed.

Assessment and Differentiation in the Mainstream Classroom as a Newly Qualified Teacher

This course will explore assessment, with a key focus on the assessment guidelines for primary schools. Both formative and summative assessment will be addressed. We will also examine the various types of standardised tests, as well as the role of standardised testing. Following this, we will outline the importance of differentiation in the creation of an inclusive classroom and look at practical ways to differentiate for pupil’s learning. Team-teaching will be explored as one such strategy. Finally, we will discuss the importance of communicating effectively and working with parents when teaching in a mainstream classroom.

Literacy and Numeracy in the Junior Classes for Newly Qualified Teachers

The purpose of this course is to provide newly qualified teachers with information relevant to teaching the junior classes. Research in the field of education is constantly progressing and changing, therefore, teaching strategies are evolving too. This course will provide teachers with up-to-date evidence-based teaching strategies for supporting young learners in primary schools. Participants will be provided with ideas, strategies and support in literacy, numeracy and Gaeilge. 

Literacy in the Senior Classes as a Newly Qualified Teacher

The purpose of this course is to explore reading and oral language in the senior classes. We will explore approaches to teaching reading in the classroom with a specific focus on improving comprehension skills. Following this we will explore oral language, an area often overlooked in the senior classroom. We will have an in-depth look at vocabulary and practical ways to improve vocabulary in the senior classes.  Finally we will explore the writing process in the senior classes. 

A Guide to Teaching Numeracy in the Senior Classes for Newly Qualified Teachers

The purpose of this course is to explore the teaching of maths in the senior classes for newly qualified teachers. We will explore the maths curriculum, providing an overview of the major concepts covered in each of the senior classes. Following this, we will delve into each of the curricular areas, providing practical ideas for teaching the major concepts in the senior classes. All aspects of maths in the senior classes are not covered, however, all major curricular steps are discussed.