Interactive Displays in Everyday Teaching - Interactive Whiteboards, Smart Boards, Touchscreens and Panels

Explore the full potential of Interactive Whiteboards and various free software to create engaging educational content.

Interactive whiteboards enable teachers to use multimedia content in whole-class teaching. The use of interactive whiteboards enables teachers to be more efficient and effective in the classroom. In this course, you will learn about touchscreen technology, from the traditional interactive whiteboard to the latest technology that converts any surface into a touchscreen.

You will learn where to source free and paid-for interactive lessons, as well as learn advanced interactive whiteboard skills and how to create your own interactive content using free, open-source software and apps. You will be shown examples of how other teachers use interactive whiteboards to teach the curriculum using computer games, and audio and video multimedia content. In addition, you will learn how to share your own audio and video content with other schools enabling the development of a community of practice in education.